Manchester Solicitors

Manchester Solicitors pride themselves on many years of effective service and will writing.  No one can predict the future so one of main achievements is providing our clients we piece of mind that their assets and property will be in safe hands.  Our northern location is easily accessible and the friendly team of professionals you will work with will replace legal jargon with simple language so that clients understand everything that is going on- after all it is your interests that we want to incorporate.

What Services We Offer

We specialise in wills and probate, many firms offer this service amongst a long list of other services but our in depth focus on just this legal field means we have the best expertise and experience to help clients. Whether you are a beneficiary, executor or are involved in existing probate litigation we support you in legal proceedings.  We also make sure all burial and funeral proceedings are specified as well as the guardianship of children or dependents.

Why Choose Us

‘More than 50% of people haven’t made a will’ – why is this?  Most people will tell you that it is because they cannot afford the costs but with  flexible and competitive prices we  devise a way of making sure most people can afford our services.  To ensure the well-being of all those important to you in life, is a priceless service so let us help you protect your estate and loved ones.   This is a good way to avoid a legacy of expensive family disputes and we will do our utmost to work towards and around your personal desires.  We are also experts in devising cost effective guidance for things such as inheritance tax.  We have dealt with cases of varying circumstances so you know, we are a firm to trust.

Costs Of Manchester Solicitors

We are accurate in  estimates, we have fixed rates for the size of assets and estates as well as the detail wanted in all the legal documentation and drafts. Unlike other companies we will not demand a fee before completing  legal services so you only have one figure to worry about.  We can assess your case online or over the phone, to  give a quote as quickly as possible and at no cost.  Wills constructed cheaply  often result in longer more expensive problems so make sure you use our reputable company- losing a loved one is an awful thing to deal with so make it easier on the ones you care about.